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Backend Plugins


A set of plugins that allow for the integration of any backend services that supports SSE with Datastar.

Attribute Plugins

Request for data from the server via SSE and merge with the page.

Action Plugins

$$get, $$post, $$put, $$patch, $$delete

<div data-on-click="$$get('/examples/click_to_edit/contact/1')"></div>

Makes an HTML_VERB request to the server and merges the response with the current DOM and store. The URL can be any valid URL but the response must be a Datastar formatted SSE event.

Every request will be sent with a {datastar: *} object containing the current store. When using $$get the store will be sent as a query parameter, otherwise it will be sent as a JSON body.

Datastar SSE Event

An example of a minimal valid response would be:

event: datastar-fragment
data: fragment <div id="foo">Hello!</div>

Addtional data lines can be added to the response to override the default behavior.

Key Description Default
data: selector #foo Select the target element using a CSS selector. Will be come the target of the merge process, otherwise it will use the target of the initiating element’s id.
data: merge morph_element Merge the fragment using Idiomorph. *
data: merge inner_html Replace target’s innerHTML with fragment
data: merge outer_html Replace target’s outerHTML with fragment
data: merge prepend_element Prepend fragment to target’s children
data: merge append_element Append fragment to target’s children
data: merge before_element Insert fragment before target as sibling
data: merge after_element Insert fragment after target as sibling
data: merge delete_element Remove target from the DOM
data: merge upsert_attributes Merge attributes from fragment into target, useful when wanting to just update a store
data: settle 1000 Settle the element after 1000ms, useful for transitions. Defaults to 500 if missing *
data: fragment The HTML fragment to merge into the DOM. Should only be one per event *
data: redirect /foo Redirect the page to /foo. Can be used in place of a data: fragment Should only be one per event
data: error oh noes Will throw an error with the message oh noes and stop the request. Can be used in place of a data: fragment Should only be one per event

Attribute Plugins

<div data-header-X-My-Header="foo"></div>

Add a header to the request. This can be used to send additional information to the server.

Fetch Indicator

<svg id="foo">Spinner</svg>

Show a spinner when the request is in flight. The data-fetch-indicator attribute should be a CSS selector to the element(s). When the attribute is present, the element will be hidden when requests are not in flight and shown when they are.

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