Core Plugins


These are the only plugins that are required in order to have a working system. In the default build all (including core) plugins are included as they cover the most common use cases.

Attributes Plugins


<div data-store="{foo:1234}"></div>

Takes the contents of the attribute and runs a BigInt aware JSON parse on it. It then merges the contents into the store. This can be used anywhere as the store is a global singleton. All keys are converted into signals, works with nested objects.


<div data-ref="foo"></div>

Makes an element available in the ctx.refs object. This is useful for accessing elements in the DOM. Can be accessed in scripts via ~foo.

Preprocessor Plugins


Takes a $var and converts into a Since all expressions are evaluated within an effect it setups of a reactive system.


Takes a $$fn('foo','bar',1234) and converts into a ctx.actions.fn('foo','bar',1234(). This is used to trigger actions plugins.


Takes a ~foo and converts into a This is used to access refs similar to how you would in a Vue or Svlete components.

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